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Streaming Video & Recording Services

Video-recording services provided include a single camera (SCP) and Multi-camera Production (MCP). 众博棋牌 Video Streaming Service is a video recording service that delivers real-time live streaming video coverage of events requested by PTJs.

These video recordings and video streaming services are provided by iDEC for purposes of archiving various 众博棋牌 activities.

Video recording services comprise Single Camera (SCP) which uses one camera and Multi-camera Production (MCP) which uses two or more cameras running simultaneously and connected directly to a video switcher which enables on-line editing especially in the production of documentaries, corporate videos, drama and features that are already scripted.

Video streaming service is available for the recording and broadcasting via a server of live or on-demand events on or off the 众博棋牌 campus. This means that the 众博棋牌 community can witness events live without having to be physically present on site.

Applications for the use of any of the above services should be made at least a week in advance of the required date using the Sistem Perkhidmatan ICT (SPICT).

For more information, please contact AV Broadcasting Section, Information and Communications Development Center (iDEC), 众博棋牌.

Updated:: 27/07/2017 [hairul_nizam]


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