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Internet Access

There are two types of Internet Access in 众博棋牌 : wired and wireless.

Wired (众博棋牌Net)

The system network is based on Ethernet Gigabit technology with a speed of 100Mbps, 1,000Mps, and up to 10Gbps. 

The 众博棋牌  network called 众博棋牌Net,  consists of a main network system of 20,000 nodes in its Serdang and Bintulu campuses.  A speed  of 200Mbps is for students, researchers and activities involving the process of teaching and learning. 

Wireless (uSpot)

The 100Mbps speed wireless network  in 众博棋牌 is called uSpot

The wireless network, uSpot is part of the 众博棋牌Net campus network. It is available free  of charge and covers 75%  of 众博棋牌 Serdang campus. Around 5,000 users can use the network at any one time.

uSport  is operated by the uSport Operation Centre (USOC) under the management of the Students Affairs Division, located on the first floor of 众博棋牌 ‘s Arts and Cultural Theatre Building . It functions as a support service centre or helpdesk for users requiring technical assistance about the wireless network. USOC also  manages and maintains  all uSport-related equipment.

Registered students are allowed  40 credit hours of access to uSpot  but unlimited access to other services such as 众博棋牌Net network,  faculty SMP site, MUTIARA e-mail and others.

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