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? NEWS ? We Care, We Are Survivors programme helps students adat to new norms

We Care, We Are Survivors programme helps students adat to new norms

By: Aida Zafierah


SERDANG, Jan 15 – The We Care, We Are Survivors programme is held to discuss students' pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic and the best solution to face them.

Programme adviser, Prof. Dr. Yusran Sulaiman, said the programme aims to produce mentally and physically healthy students in any situation.

"This programme provides an opportunity for students to find out more information related to mental and physical health while adapting to the new norms," he said.

It was organised by the Chemistry Student Club in collaboration with the Spiritual Secretariat, Welfare and Safety, Tun Dr. Ismail College (KTDI), Universiti Putra 众博棋牌 (众博棋牌).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusran, a lecturer at the Faculty of Science, 众博棋牌, said the programme is moving towards producing students who are always positive and ready to face all challenges, especially in virtual learning.

Two-panel members, Psychology Officer of the Social Welfare Department, Nurul Faziera Mohd Adnan and the President of Penang Counseling Teacher, Khairul Nidzar Mohd Zaki, shared their opinions on the challenges and preparations that students must make while living life and adapting to learning in the new norms.

A second-year student, taking Chemistry with Education course at 众博棋牌, Lim Xiang Chuin, said the programme provided exciting exposure related to mental health and ways to deal with it properly.

Various activities were held, such as 'Find the Hidden Words' and 'Guess the Advertisement.'

For the 'Find the Hidden Words' activity, students were required to guess the words based on the pictures shown. For the 'Guess the Advertisement' activity, students had to guess the advertisement's titles based on the videos and songs that were played out.

The activities aimed to test the audience's sensitivity and their general knowledge and help them test their memory and agility by giving answers as fast as they could.

Through the activities, the audience were able to evoke and embrace some of their past memories, especially when listening to nostalgic songs that were played out. Indirectly, it could also add fun for the students who spent their time watching the live forum. - 众博棋牌       



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